How to write lsp routines

Creating and Visualizing LSPs and LSP Paths

Extending base transport functionality using a layered transport service provider is a very powerful idea.

DB3.74How To Write Conversion Routines In Bw k9

Hello Over the months, I have my own collection of LISP routines in one of my work folders; the routines are the contributions from this forum.

Basic Lisp Macros for Architectural Desktop - ARCHIdm

Basic Lisp Macros for Architectural Desktop - ARCHIdm

Now that you have mastered the myriad of Architectural Desktop dialogue boxes haven't you had enough?

Creating and Visualizing <em>LSPs</em> and <em>LSP</em> Paths
Free Lisp Routines for AutoCAD and CorelCAD - My Home Page

Please find below a list of CAD lisp routines which I have written to automate common UK road desn tasks when using CAD programs such as Auto CAD or Corel CAD These free lisp routines were tested using Corel CAD 2013 which accepts Auto Lisp. (42 0.0) where x y z = each vertex's coordinates, and b = bulge factor between vertices (= 0.0 for a straht line).Creating and Loading LISP files - CadOasis

How to write lsp routines:

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